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Piolo's never-ending story of success and giving
Written by Anjo C. Alimario
Monday, 21 December 2009 18:55

Piolo Pascual

THE sun will never go down on Piolo Pascual as more and more blessings come his way. Only recently, an exciting collaboration between Sun Life Financial-Philippines and Piolo was launched, providing proof yet again that he has come a long way. Dubbed SunPIOLOgy 2010, the collaboration goes beyond underscoring Piolo's status as a celebrity but focuses on Piolo as a person who never fails to not only impress but also, and more important, help.

The "dream-come-true project," as described by Sun Life Financial-Philippines CEO and president Riza Mantaring, is a collection of photographs taken by Piolo himself for the company's 2010 calendar.

Yes, it may surprise some people to know that Piolo, already something of a Renaissance man being a versatile actor, well-regarded product endorser, successful producer and very active Christian, also dabbles in photography.

Piolo, the photographer, escapes from the overwhelming limelight and takes a break from his adoring public, to reflect and let his inner being be channeled into photography.

"Life is full of portraits," said Piolo at the launch. "There is more life to a photo that doesn't have a human form." He has a preference for landscapes and nature as his subjects. When snapping away, Piolo always goes with his instincts. "Whatever that captures my eyes, I shoot it," he added.

Having no formal background in photography is something that Piolo considers a strength. The rawness of his photos highlights his fresh take of familiar subjects. In addition, he regards photography as a very personal art. To him, the entire process of choosing a subject to framing the shot conveys his own worldview.

The proceeds of SunPIOLOgy 2010 will go directly to the Hebreo Foundation, which was founded by the Pascual siblings. The foundation's main thrust is centered on education. According to Piolo, the foundation has been able to help fund students' education for grade school, high school, even college.

Piolo says doing charitable work, especially those that are celebrity-initiated, could be regarded by individuals with suspicion, no more than another attempt by an artist at "self-promotion." Thus, Piolo initially opted to stay in the background while actively nurturing Hebreo. He has since realized that the foundation could gain more support if he leveraged his celebrity, and the opportunity from Sun Life Financial came at just the perfect time, said the actor.

The concept of giving back might seem like a cliche, Piolo says, but for him it is simply another way of thanking the Lord for all the blessings he has received. The actor says that his is a genuine effort to empower the youth by giving them a chance to become better through education.

The actor, introduced by Mantaring as a "beautiful human being," submitted the photos for the calendar on time and provided them to Sun Life Financial gratis.

Piolo considers 2009 CNN Hero of the Year Efren Penaflorida as his idol and takes to heart Efren's words: No one is too rich or too poor, too young or too old to help other people.

During the recent calendar launch, Mantaring handed over to Piolo a check worth P100,000 as initial proceeds from the SunPIOLOgy 2010 calendar sales. To date, more than a thousand copies of the calendar has already been sold.

Also during the launch, two of the calendar portraits went up for bid. The photo accompanying the month of July, showing a pocket of Paris, was sold for P15,000, while Piolo's favorite in the collection--the photo for the month of September, entitled When Autumn Falls, which was snapped in Normandy, France--sold for P37,000.

The calendar portraits are also showcased at a benefit exhibit ongoing until December 18 at the Art Hall of Enterprise Center. Those interested can place their bids for the photos, signed by Piolo himself, at www.sunpiology.com.

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31 Dec 2009 by Admin

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