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'Avatar' inspires Piolo's new teleserye
MANILA, Philippines - Hunk actor Piolo Pascual admitted that his upcoming project "Noah" with Zaijan Jaranilla is somewhat inspired by James Cameron's billion-dollar blockbuster "Avatar."

Speaking to reporters at a press conference for his new series, Pascual said "Noah" has some thematic similarities to the Hollywood film but was actually conceived about 5 years ago.

"We would not want to say that it wasn't inspired by Avatar. It's a long shot but one thing that we can brag about is that this concept has been with ABS-CBN even before Gulong ng Palad," he said, referring to a TV series starring Kristine Hermosa and TJ Trinidad.

Pascual said the concept was "locked away" as a potential project by ABS-CBN's creative department because it was deemed too ambitious.

He added, however, that the success of the "Avatar" movie proved that a project with an environmental theme could be a success.

"It's in a way inspired by (Avatar), but I think it's just about time to come up with something na mas inspiring pa, not globally but just locally sa atin sa mga Pinoy," he said.

Pascual said "Noah" encourages viewers to take better care of the environment. He said that aside from the environmental aspect of the show, the series will also show the love of a father to his son and to his family.

Pascual said ABS-CBN pulled out the stops for "Noah", making it one of the most expensive productions ever created by ABS-CBN. He added that the show is even more expensive than his hit teleserye "Lobo."

New partner

Pascual, a single parent to his son Iigo, said that he is really happy working with the country's child wonder Jaranilla .

The actor said "Noah" was offered to him before the child star's hit series "May Bukas Pa" ended last January.

"I'm so excited not only because of the project but working with Zaijan because napakagaling ng bata, napaka-broad niya and this is another inspiring story na pwedeng kapitan ng tao at napapanahon siya about where we live. We have to be aware of what we have and what's left," Pascual said.

The hunk actor said that he also sees his son whenever he looks at Jaranilla's eyes.

"Yes, nakikita ko ang mata ng anak ko sa kanya and I'm proud of the kid. Masyado lang energetic. Kapag magkasama kami kulitan, bro 'dude' nga tawag sa kanya," he said.

Pascual said that he will be spending more time with his son as soon as the latter arrived from the United States.

This coming Father's Day, Pascual said that he will be doing his regular activities like hosting musical variety show "ASAP XV" and taping.

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17 Jun 2010 by Tita Rose

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